The new budget iPhone will come sooner than expected

Apple has reportedly finished the design of the new budget iPhone, and is set to unveil the next generation sooner than expected Apple has been against the idea of bringing a budget iPhone to market for several years. But life changes, and so do stubborn companies like Apple, which has struggled to revise that position. … Read more

A computer problem ruins the New Year’s Eve of thousands of people

Thousands of would-be cruise passengers had to stay ashore due to a mysterious computer technical problem: goodbye to the end of the year cruise. The year 2020 ends badly for everyone, as our lives this year have been disrupted by the Coronavirus. But there is also a strange and unspecified “computer technical problem” that is … Read more

Michael C Hall will be Dexter again: revival ordered

The famous serial killer returns with a ninth season in 2021. The announcement was made by Showtime on social media. Here are the details and previews Showtime has surprisingly announced the return of one of the most beloved protagonists of TV series. We’re talking about Dexter, the serial killer who has conquered the public for … Read more

5 Tools to Reduce Data Consumption

If you also use an internet connection with traffic limits at home, here’s what you can do to decrease your data and avoid costly charges Not everyone at home has an internet connection with unlimited plans. There are subscription formulas that provide a maximum threshold of data to be used in a month. In these … Read more