Xiaomi Mi 11: no Ultra version, Pro+ arrives

New rumors about the top versions of the new Xiaomi Mi 11: the Ultra version will not be made, replaced by a Pro+ version featuring an advanced camera and more RAM For Xiaomi Mi 11 5G it’s time for variations on the theme. The family of the smartphone of the Chinese company may soon expand … Read more

What are macro malware and why are they so dangerous

Macro malware are nothing but malicious programs contained within Word or Excel documents and capable of causing a lot of damage to affected PCs The tools used by hackers to conduct their computer “hits” are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. Among the various ploys employed are infected macros,┬ámini-applications made for Excel documents, which … Read more

Defective iOS 10.1.1 update: battery drains right away

In some cases it goes to less than 50% charge after a few minutes after powering on, in others instead the Applephones suddenly turn off Bad news keeps coming for Apple customers. Many users in recent hours are having problems with the iPhone battery, after the latest update to iOS 10.1.1. The update, had been … Read more

How to turn your phone into a computer with a mouse and keyboard

Docking stations, apps and features built into the operating system are all options for using smartphones and tablets with all the comforts of a laptop or desktop If you’re contemplating buying a computer, pause for a moment. If your phone or tablet is a latest generation device, perhaps a top of the range one you … Read more

3 tricks to avoid ruining your laptop battery

Cycles and percentage of charge are, along with heat, the factors that determine most the wear and tear of the laptop battery. Here’s what to do about it Initially, laptop batteries can be extremely high-performing – top-of-the-line models deliver up to 10 hours of battery life, or more – but they can degrade rather quickly. … Read more