How to convert videotapes to digital

Do you have old videotapes and would like to digitize them? All you need is a flash drive to transfer the content to digital and a little time on your hands If you’re a digital lover, but not exactly “native”, chances are you have what is now to all intents and purposes a piece of … Read more

Best free apps for working out

In this article you will find a selection of the best fitness apps that you can download for free from the Android or iOS stores on your smartphone. This past year has radically changed our habits and, let’s face it, our fitness. Travel restrictions have pushed many of us to take better care of our … Read more

MakerArm, the 3D printer that builds computers. Photo

Small and affordable, the smart device lets you make anything-you 3D print, assemble, cut, weld and more The 3D printer industry is increasingly moving toward creating small, affordable, easy-to-use devices. Devices that we may one day use to make any object. In the American town of Austin, for example, a startup has developed a truly … Read more