The wearable that sees the world for the blind comes from Italy

The smart device transforms images into audio messages for the blind. The project bears the signature of two Italian guys Good news is coming for all people affected by blindness. Eyra LTD, an Italian startup, has created a smart audio assistant that helps blind people to overcome the obstacles they encounter daily. Horus, this is … Read more

Scoperta la causa della forma a spirale del cavolfiore romano: lo studio

Finalmente scoperta l’origine delle spirali auree del cavolfiore romano: un nuovo studio illustra l’origine biologica della natura frattale dell’ortaggio. Il broccolo romano è uno di quegli ortaggi ben noti ed apprezzati sin dall’antichità: i Romani usavano consumarlo crudo prima dei pasti perché si credeva aiutasse l’organismo ad assorbire l’alcol che sarebbe seguito nel banchetto.  Da … Read more

What does Facebook know about our photos? This extension

Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags is an add on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to find out what Facebook thinks about our photos When you post a photo on Facebook you do so without thinking about the fact that we are putting in the public square a part of our private life. With … Read more

Nintendo 2DS XL, the new Japanese handheld console

Nintendo surprisingly unveiled its new handheld console designed for young children, launching on July 28 in the United States Surprisingly Nintendo announced its new handheld console, Nintendo 2DS XL. An unexpected release for the Japanese company. In the last period, in fact, most of the attention had been placed on the hybrid console Switch. Nintendo, … Read more