Motherboard: what it’s for and what it is

Setting foot in the wide world of hardware can be complex. It requires extensive knowledge of the many components that are part of it. You’ll never stop learning, and you’ll need to constantly update. One of the most important elements is certainly the motherboard. What is a motherboard When we talk about a motherboard, we … Read more

Windows Solitaire lands on your smartphone thanks to a

The set of games, which includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and Tripeaks, also integrates with Xbox Live. A premium version is planned for the price of €1.99 Do you remember Solitaire, the most famous Windows game? Microsoft has recently announced that it is also available for mobile devices. Users, in fact, will be able to … Read more

How to recover Kena Mobile SIM PIN

Don’t remember your Kena SIM unlock code anymore? No problem: you have at your disposal at least three methods to be able to recover your PIN As you already know, PIN and PUK are two of the most important data when it comes to cell phones and smartphones. Unlock codes, in fact, allow us to … Read more