The apps you need to delete from your smartphone

Some apps worsen smartphone performance or consume too much power. Here are the apps you need to delete now Apps are the cross and delight of smartphones. Essential because they offer additional services to those on the device, demonic because they consume battery power, waste time and in some cases are even dangerous. Not a … Read more

Acestream su Android e su Mac: come utilizzarlo al meglio

I tuoi amici ti hanno parlato positivamente di Acestream, un lettore che ti permette di guardare le partite in HD gratis? Vorresti approfondirne la conoscenza e vorresti capire come sfruttarla su dispositivi Android e Mac? Si corre qualche rischio nel guardare in streaming e gratis dei contenuti audiovisivi? In questa guida ti chiariremo le idee … Read more

Netflix is a drug, the first detoxification centers arrive

Among the addictions, the one from Netflix begins to appear, compared by some experts in mental illness to the one from drugs To the sad and long list of addictions, after the one from smartphones, the one from Netflix is added. A real addiction that has begun to raise more than a concern. An excessive … Read more

Samsung launches the mat that charges three devices

Samsung has launched the Wireless Charger Trio mat, to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously: here’s how much it costs Big bet for Samsung: the South Korean giant bets everything on the evolution of charging and launches the first mat that can provide power to three devices simultaneously. Presented at the beginning of this month, … Read more

How to follow Totti’s farewell press conference live streaming and TV

Find out where to watch live streaming on computers, smartphones and tablets Totti’s farewell press conference from Roma After 30 years of passion and love, Totti says goodbye to Roma. Or at least he’s saying goodbye to the current Roma team, the one led by president Pallotta. Today, Monday, June 17 at 14:00 at the … Read more