IPhone, apps can show advertisements via notifications

Apple has changed the guidelines and now allows developers to send notifications to users with advertising messages Apple opens up to advertisements in the form of notifications. If until now the impossibility of displaying strictly advertising notifications was one of the basic features of the house of the bitten apple, from now on on iPhone … Read more

How to check the Internet Giga of TIM

A complete guide to the tools that TIM provides users to monitor the consumption of their offers and what to do if you exceed the data threshold included in the package purchased. Beware of extra costs, every Giga not included in the plan can cost you dearly. Exceeding the internet traffic thresholds included in the … Read more

News about Galaxy S8: no audio jack but an improved screen

The next smartphone from Samsung will use the USB type C port to connect earphones. The fingerprint sensor, on the other hand, will be embedded in the display As 2017 approaches, the news about next year’s smartphones gets more and more interesting and varied. Speaking of Samsung, the biggest wait is for the Galaxy S8, … Read more