Disney+, how to activate the free trial week

Disney + allows you to try the paittaform for free for a week. Here’s how to register and start watching movies and TV series Disney + has finally made its debut in Italy and many other European countries. The video streaming platform has over 1,000 contents including movies, TV series, animated films and documentaries and … Read more

Dati rubati Ho Mobile: cosa rischiano i clienti e cosa dovrebbero fare

Un database contenente le informazioni di tutti gli utenti Ho Mobile sarebbe in vendita sul Dark Web, ecco cosa ne sappiamo e cosa rischiano gli utenti se è vero. Sta facendo molto discutere il presunto caso di “data breach” ai danni dell’operatore telefonico virtuale Ho Mobile, il low cost di Vodafone Italia, reso noto su … Read more

It’s official, slow PCs make us sad, science says so

According to research conducted by Akamai Technologies, 73% of users are unhappy when watching streaming TV series. The fault? Slowdowns You know when you try to open an application but the computer doesn’t respond? Most people react to this blockage with anger and frustration. And now it’s science, through research, to prove that the PC … Read more