How to scan double-sided documents with Android

Do you need to scan double-sided documents but don’t have a scanner? Now you can do it with the Android ID Card and Tax Code app You often have the need to scan and send ID cards and other documents. Unfortunately, not everyone has a scanner and printer and it becomes difficult to accomplish this … Read more

Snapchat, new feature to add music to your Snaps

Snapchat imitates TikTok, Reels and Shorts and introduces the ability to add a soundtrack to your videos before sharing them Snapchat users are in for a surprise: you will be able to add music to your snaps, a request that has long been raised by users of the app and is finally becoming a reality. … Read more

These Eye Drops Help You See Closer

They’re used once a day, last six hours, and help you focus on objects: Now there are eye drops to help you see closer Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people wear glasses. For some, they’re an everyday necessity; others use them only for reading or driving. They can be very expensive, and breaking … Read more

Cloudflare bug, millions of users at risk worldwide

The flaw, caused by a new feature added in the service’s source code, puts passwords and personal data of Internet users worldwide at risk Did you have to enter your Gmail password to access your inbox this morning? No fear: it wasn’t a well-orchestrated phishing attempt (something that has already happened with Gmail in the … Read more