Samsung launches the bezel-less smart TV: how it will be

The Korean company would have managed to get a bezel-less TV by gluing the panel directly to the back, where other components are housed We are less and less to the opening day of CES 2020 and, as the hours pass, rumors continue to arrive about the possible devices that will be presented during theĀ convention … Read more

Flippr: the ironing board to iron a shirt in two minutes. Photo

The ironing board designed by Sharkk on Kickstarter allows a 360Ā° rotation of the garment, there are also clamps and inserts to keep clothes in place The dead creases, the 101 ways to iron your shirt and the red-hot iron at the beginning of August. With the exception of certain categories of people, ironing evokes … Read more

The best messaging apps

Surely WhatsApp is the most popular and used messaging app at the moment, with over 2 billion registered users and a presence that reaches almost all over the world. At the same time there are several viable alternatives, with programs that ensure greater privacy and software that offer some really interesting features. Let’s see which … Read more