Circles on Mars, Perseverance plan starts to look for alien tracks

The circles aim to test whether life ever existed in the area. The rover has spent the last nine months drilling into the Red Planet’s rock. Nasa’s Perseverance rover has been scouring Mars for nine months now, drilling into its rocks and depositing what it finds in the “storage” it always carries with it. Now … Read more

How to watch the International BNL 2017 tennis live streaming

Great tennis is back in Rome with the Internazionali BNL. Fans will be able to follow the women’s and men’s tournaments also in live streaming For tennis lovers, this is the event of the year. We are talking about the Internazionali BNL 2017, the most important tennis tournament that takes place in Rome and that … Read more

IPhone, how to block ads that track you

Apple collects data via iOS about user habits and displays ad hoc ads, but you can disable tracking. Here’s how to do it Among the Web and electronics giants, Apple is considered one of the companies most respectful of the privacy and security of its users’ data. But it’s not at all: as much as … Read more