Sex and The City: Mr. Big will be back in the remake

Mr. Big will be played by Chris Noth. The remake will be titled And Just Like That: here’s all the news and previews. The remake of Sex and the City begins to take shape: news about the plot and the cast begin to spread. And speaking of new characters and great returns, there is some … Read more

How to Recognize and Prevent Hacker Attacks

To be able to defend against hacker attacks, it is necessary to understand which are the most common malware and how they act on our devices It is easy to say computer attack. It is a bit more difficult to understand which hacker trap has hit our computer and especially how to defend yourself. There … Read more

Huawei, the operating system will arrive in October: the latest news

Huawei is speeding up the development of Ark OS, the mobile operating system that will replace Android. Coming by the end of October After the commercial block wanted by Trump, Huawei continues on its way and registers the trademark of its new proprietary mobile operating system in new countries: from Thailand to Peru, the trademarks … Read more