Solved the mystery of the strange radio signal picked up in 2019

Two studies have identified what caused the signal picked up in the direction of Proxima Centauri. No alien origin, but only an interference produced by terrestrial technologies. A mysterious radio signal had been picked up in 2019 in the direction of Proxima Centauri by the Breakthrough Listen Project. There were many hypotheses about what could … Read more

Who was B.B. King, today’s Google Doodle

Google celebrates B.B: King 94 years after his birth with an animated Doodle. Here is the biography of the great blues guitarist Google celebrates today, September 16, the great Blues guitarist B.B. King with an animated Doodle present on the home page of the search engine. The musician would have turned 94 years old today … Read more

How fast is the Internet in Italy?

The ranking has been drawn up by Cable on the basis of the average download speed in 224 countries: Italy is improving, but not as much as you would expect As every year, Cable has sorted the countries of the world into a ranking in which the one with the highest average Internet connection speed … Read more