Dark energy: scientists may have found the key to the mysteries of the Universe

While investigating dark matter, researchers on the XENON1T project have recorded some unexpected results: they may have encountered dark energy for the first time, by accident. Since the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe was established in the 1990s, the hypothesis of the existence of “dark energy” has been gaining momentum in the scientific … Read more

If you have a Tile tracker, your data could be for sale

Life360’s acquisition of Tile is putting owners of geolocation tags in an uproar: here’s what’s happening When it comes to personal data, including data acquired through tools and devices equipped with location systems, the storage and handling of that data is paramount. The use and sale of such information by companies can be a potentially … Read more

5 ways to avoid viruses on iPhone and Android

From unofficial applications, to antivirus, passing through security systems: here’s what to do to protect yourself from hackers on your smartphone Once upon a time they only found hospitality on computers. In the last few years, they’ve been quietly landing on smartphones as well, becoming a real scourge. We are talking about malware, malicious programs … Read more