Bills at 28 days, AgCOM against operators: fine coming

Agcom has announced new fines against telephone operators protagonists of 28-day billing: here’s what’s happening The tug-of-war between AGCOM, the Guarantor Authority for Telecommunications, and telephone operators continues because of the failure to automatically refund the amounts charged to customers in the period of 28-day billing. The AGCOM, strengthened by the pronouncement in its favor … Read more

How to choose your portable scanner

Portable scanners are very small devices that allow you to scan business documents and images. Here’s how to choose the perfect one Technological advancement has led many devices to become much smaller so that they can easily be carried inside your bag. Just think of cell phones, which in recent years have decreased in size, … Read more

Iliad: new feature makes data connection unlock at will

The French phone company has updated its personal profile management page on its web portal to allow users to manage their Since landing in Italy, Iliad has continued to come up with new services and offers. After the success of the first Iliad tariff, which allowed the French operator to pass the threshold of 1 … Read more