Samsung Galaxy S22 will have better graphics than iPhone

The collaboration between Samsung and AMD for the graphics chip of the Galaxy S22 proceeds with encouraging signs: the challenge with the iPhone promises to be compelling The decade-long challenge between Samsung and Apple in the field of mobile phones is renewed year after year, and is enriched with new elements. Last summer, Samsung and … Read more

How to find out if someone is using your computer

We all have an unobtrusive roommate or co-worker, here are some tips to use if we fear they are using our computer without notifying us We all have a sibling or roommate who is a bit intrusive. He steals our clothes, finishes our snacks and we have the doubt that he also uses our computer … Read more

Gmail for Android adds a filter against phishing

Google has begun releasing an update for Gmail that increases security and protects against phishing campaigns: a message will warn us of the danger Google’s fight against cyber threats continues. After several times showing the progress of Android in repelling malware and viruses, the Californian company updates Gmail, introducing a series of features aimed at … Read more

Why WhatsApp won’t let you send voice notes

Audio notes are one of the most used features of WhatsApp: here’s what to do if you can’t send voice messages On January 19, 2020 WhatsApp is down and won’t let you send voice messages. Here you can find a minute-by-minute update of what’s happening. The WhatsApp voice notes have become one of the most … Read more