Samsung reinvents the TV: the screen will be vertical

Samsung launches the first TV with a vertical screen on the market. It will be called Sero and is designed for the generation of millennials. Here’s what it will look like! Since time immemorial, TVs have had a horizontal orientation: the base is greater than the height, and consumers couldn’t imagine any alternative. Or, at … Read more

A mysterious space signal hits Earth every 16 days

For 4 days the pulse is noticeable, a hiatus of three times as long follows. A mysterious space signal strikes the Earth every 16 days. The question that comes to mind is really always the same: are we alone in the universe? The answers, at least the scientifically founded ones, have been disparate, but none … Read more

Netflix, you can also download movies from Windows 10

Netflix updates the version of the app in the Windows Store giving users the ability to download and watch offline episodes of their favorite TV series The wait is over: Netflix offline streaming also lands on Windows 10. The American company has just updated the version of its app in the Windows Store by introducing … Read more