How to Recognize Dangerous Links Not to Click on

Behind a seemingly innocuous link can hide the worst cyber threats. Discovering malicious links, however, is simple Although hacking techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated and more and more articulated (just think, for example, of social engineering), sometimes it is the simplest and most outdated trick that makes us fall into the trap of … Read more

Sony Xperia: new range arrives on April 14

Sony’s new Xperia smartphone series is on its way: next April 14 during the launch event could be unveiled Xperia 1 III and Xperia Compact Sony’s new Xperia series is now in the home stretch. Although there is still a halo of mystery around the upcoming products that will be part of the range, the … Read more

There is a virtual universe online, and it is accessible to all

Uchuu is the largest simulation of the history of the universe ever made. It is accessible to everyone and is already in use at several universities: it allows us to understand the life of galaxies. It is called Uchuu, which means “deep space” in Japanese, and it is the largest and most realistic simulation ever … Read more