Whatsapp extends support for older Nokia and Blackberry phones

The service will be extended until June 30, 2017. Backtracking from the initial deadline set at the end of December 2016 Owners of some old Nokia and Blackberry smartphones can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for a while. WhatsApp has just announced, in fact, that it will extend the support of its service … Read more

WhatsApp Web, a bug allows hackers to steal data from PC

A computer researcher has discovered a vulnerability that affects WhatsApp Web and allows hackers to access PC data. How to defend yourself Using WhatsApp Web on a Windows PC or a Mac to exchange messages with a WhatsApp user on an iPhone: an eventuality that is anything but remote but that, apparently, is not without … Read more

Viruses in fraudulent emails: how to defend yourself

Malspam wave in Italy: beware of invoices attached to emails from unknown addresses In the last period, two types of hacker attacks, by cyber criminals, are occurring in Italy. We have talked about them in this article, which has also been taken up by Federprivacy, the main Italian association of data protection professionals. The attacks, aiming … Read more

Windows 10, cos’è la nuova scheda Uso del dispositivo

In una beta di Windows 10 spunta una nuova funzione, ma nessuno capisce a cosa serva realmente. Microsoft potrebbe presto introdurre una nuova funzione in Windows 10: si chiama “Device Usage“, in italiano “Uso del dispositivo“. Tale funzione è infatti da poco comparsa nell’ultima versione beta del sistema operativo, che non è distribuita al grande … Read more

Why you need to delete WhatsApp from your smartphone

Deleting WhatsApp from your smartphone allows you to reclaim memory space. Here is the procedure to follow to uninstall WhatsApp It is the most loved and hated app of recent years. Loved because it has simplified many small aspects of daily and working life, making communication smarter. Hated because in many cases it has “ruined” … Read more