Vodafone 5G: how much it costs and everything you need to know

Vodafone brings the 5G network to Italy. You can activate the fast connection for free or for a fee. Find out all the offers available and how they work The great revolution of the 5G network has also landed in Italy, and among the first phone operators to offer it is Vodafone. Starting Sunday, June … Read more

Honda launches Riding Assist, the self-driving motorcycle

Honda has unveiled at CES in Las Vegas its self-balancing technology: the motorcycle, in short, balances itself, even when stationary, without a kickstand After presenting NeuV, the self-driving car, Honda has also launched Riding Assist, the self-driving motorcycle. It’s a technology Honda developed for its curious UNI-CUB, a sort of motorized unicycle, which adjusts balance … Read more

How Google Lens works

Google Lens arrives as a standalone application also on the Italian Play Store, here’s what it’s for and how to install Google’s new visual analytics service Google Lens is finally available also on the Italian Play Store. The Mountain View service, previously active on Google Assistant, now has its own standalone application of about 20MB … Read more