Banco Posta scam, the danger runs via email

Many users report having received a message from the Post Office where they are invited to change the access data to their account to rehabilitate their credit card New phishing danger for Banco Posta users: hackers are sending in these days emails to succeed in obtaining the access data of the online current account. The … Read more

Black holes, what are the “ghost” rings that surround them: the mystery

The discovery thanks to the use of X-rays in NASA space observations. Black holes, mystery increasingly thick: ghost rings surround them. Black holes represent one of the most fascinating mysteries of the universe. In addition to having inspired films and novels, among other things, they have been the focus of speculation by leading scientists, who … Read more

How to set power saving on Android

With Android 10 you can take advantage of artificial intelligence to save your smartphone battery: here’s how Making your smartphone battery last longer is not only the dream of a lot of users, but it’s also the goal of those who make them and even those who develop the operating system. That is, in the … Read more