New PlayStation Store: what changes

In a few days Sony will change the interface of its PlayStation Store and this will not make many players happy It’s time for changes to PlayStation Store: the dates to mark on the calendar are October 21-26 for the web version and October 28 for the mobile app. Sony announced the changes in an … Read more

WhatsApp multi-device: how to try it now

With the latest update of the WhatsApp app, multi-device has become for everyone: here’s how to activate it and what are the limits of the new feature of the world’s most used chat app WhatsApp has been under attack for months: on the one hand, the controversy over the new privacy policy has weakened users’ … Read more

How to advertise online to a selected audience

When advertising online the goal is to reach interested potential customers: how to choose display advertising for a selected audience Veronica Nicosia Scientific Journalist Graduated in Astrophysics, scientific journalist and SEO content editor, she writes about technology for online and print magazines. In 2020 she joined Libero Tecnologia Selecting the target audience for a company’s … Read more

What is GPS and how it works

GPS is a satellite positioning system that allows you to know the longitude and latitude of an object at any time Devices with a GPS receiver inside are many: navigators, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and watches, just to name a few. We use them mostly to keep track of our location and to get directions. We … Read more