OnePlus 3T, small price and big features. Photos and videos

The Chinese company presents the update of its top of the range: Snapdragon 821 and a 16-megapixel front camera OnePlus seems to not want to stop anymore and after presenting only a few months the OnePlus 3 is already ready to launch on the market a new smartphone that combines top-of-the-line features with a very … Read more

The most dangerous smartphones for health

The SAR value indicates the amount of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the human body. Here are the smartphones with the highest SAR value There is a value of smartphones little known by users, but very important: the SAR, acronym of Specific Absorption Rate, which indicates the energy absorbed by a particular mass of human tissue within a certain … Read more

How to change the background to Instagram Stories

Do you want to know how to change the backgrounds to Instagram Stories on smartphones and iPhones? Read the article! Social networks are increasingly used in all directions: not only for work, but also to share moments of everyday life. For this reason, stories have become fundamental, to tell the story of everyday life, but … Read more