How to watch RaiPlay

RaiPlay is Rai’s on-demand service. Here’s how to see live streaming channels or programs on demand RaiPlay is the streaming service of the State TV and offers users the opportunity to follow live on your smartphone or computer programs of Rai television channels or review content at any time. The streaming platforms are services that … Read more

Facebook, dark mode for everyone: how to activate it [VIDEO]

Facebook introduces dark mode for everyone, both Android and iOS. Here are the steps to follow to activate the new dark theme in the app The new and long-awaited dark mode for Facebook is finally available for both Android and iOS devices. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has introduced the dark theme for everyone, which can … Read more

Giant bumblebees attack bees, but they have a secret weapon

Gigantic bumblebees are very aggressive and attack hives en masse: but bees have a secret weapon against bumblebee attacks. It often happens that they are confused, but bees and bumblebees are two different animals. The former feed on pollen, and only the females have a stinger, which they use only when necessary. The latter instead … Read more

Iliad, what’s the age limit to get a SIM card

To be able to request an Iliad SIM card you need to have a minimum age limit: here’s which one In Italy, the regulations on owning a SIM card are quite stringent: you need to present a valid ID and also have a minimum age. This is true for all operators, even for Iliad, which … Read more