Bad time, new scam travels via email

A new phishing campaign, already reported by the Postal Police, leverages people’s relationships to steal their money and personal information Be careful. If you don’t pay too much attention, in a few days you might experience a really… bad time. The warning comes directly from the Postal Police who, through a message posted on the … Read more

WhatsApp, how to send anonymous messages

Installing the Text+ application allows you to use WhatsApp anonymously on your smartphone. Here’s how to do it One of the cornerstones of WhatsApp has always been the obligation, for the user, to communicate to the instant messaging service their phone number. And to verify it. It is therefore impossible to use WhatsApp anonymously, without … Read more

Advanced persistent threat: what does the WhatsApp case teach us?

The news of the recent discovery of the presence of a powerful spyware virus within the world’s most popular instant messaging application has gone around the world. The malicious software, it seems, sneaks into the victim devices through a simple anonymous phone call and has some key features: invisible, difficult to trace by the device’s … Read more