Windows 10 simplifies video calls with Meet Now

The feature is inspired by Zoom and Google Meet. No account will be required to participate in video calls on Windows. Here are the details Microsoft is testing a number of new features for Windows 10, including Meet Now. The feature will be integrated within the operating system, will allow users to initiate and participate … Read more

The Big Bang and the origin of the universe

Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose? These are questions that have inspired, and often tormented, philosophers, theologians and scholars since ancient times, in search of answers that we may never have. Science, then, has tried to explain life and the reality that surrounds us “traveling” in time to the … Read more

Google TV, the app that connects Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube

The new Chromecast with Google TV changes the way you enjoy streaming content: here’s how Google TV is the new app from the big G for watching online streaming services directly on your home TV. The application, launched only in recent days, will be available on the new Chromecast, which for the occasion will be … Read more

IPhone X 2018, better battery life thanks to chip devised by Apple

Apple is working on an innovative power chip that will improve the battery life and speed up the charging of the upcoming iPhone X The new iPhone X planned for 2018 are still far from their official presentation yet Apple has already made it known that the devices will mount an “innovative power system”. This … Read more