Record-breaking Fortnite: earns three billion in one year

Fortnite earned three billion in one year thanks to players’ in-app purchases. For Epic Games, the video game is a golden goose Three billion dollars. That’s how much Fortnite has yielded to Epic Games, the software house that developed what doesn’t seem to be a video game anymore, but a real golden goose. The success … Read more

Windows 10X, the new computer operating system: what changes

Windows 10x is the operating system of the future, designed for devices with little memory and RAM. Here’s how it will work The coronavirus pandemic has greatly reduced the mobility of hundreds of millions of people around the world, almost to zero in fact, and this has had a huge impact on the way we … Read more

Facebook Instant games, Messenger’s video game platform

After the launch of Gamesroom, the California-based company ready to take another step into the video game world. The goal is to make Messenger an operational platform Since its release as a standalone app, Mark Zuckerberg and his engineers have clearly tried to make Messenger not only an app with which to chat with friends, … Read more

How to generate bitcoins and get rich

The term bitcoin will certainly be familiar to you, but have you wondered how they are obtained and if it is true that they can make you a kind of Scrooge? Bitcoin is familiar to you, in some ways, because it is a term that often recurs along with ransonware that asks for ransom precisely … Read more

LG in collaboration with Valve unveils VR visor for gaming

LG showed at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona a new virtual reality device designed for professional gamers LG is stepping up its efforts to make virtual reality solutions. The first results are starting to show, as demonstrated by the South Korean company at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. On the Catalan stage LG, … Read more

Zuckerberg e il metaverso: perché a Facebook non interessa lo spazio

Facebook cambierà nei prossimi 5 anni: Zuckerberg lancia i social networks nel mercato del metaverso, che promette interazioni identiche a quelle della vita reale. Mark Zuckerberg continua a far parlare di sé e di Facebook – la sua prima creatura. In una lunga intervista a The Verge, l’imprenditore partito da Harvard prende le distanze dalla … Read more