Why Google is deleting some apps

Google is planning to block access to the Gmail account for some apps that don’t use the OAuth protocol: here’s what they are New things are coming, in 2020, for business users of Google’s G Suite and, in particular, for those who access their Gmail inbox through a third-party client. That’s a big chunk of … Read more

How to start a chat on Instagram Direct

Chatting with Instagram Direct is easy, both from smartphones and PCs: you can send messages, gifs and more. Instagram is now a popular social network that is part of our daily lives on par with Facebook. In fact, the social network site has more than a billion active users and is the third most popular … Read more

On my block: when the fourth season comes out

Just a few more days and the wait for the new adventures of the four boys of Freeridge will come to an end: Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar are back The TV series dedicated to the world of adolescents with their problems of transition to adulthood, including approach to sex and relational problems between family, … Read more