The iPhone SE 3 will come, but it will be delayed

A good news and a bad one for lovers of the iPhone SE series: the low cost of Apple seems to be in the pipeline, but it will not see the light neither this year nor next When it comes to iPhone, the acronym “SE” is always a fan favorite: the low-cost version of Apple’s … Read more

Telegram not working June 27. What’s happening

Telegram is not working worldwide: since 14:00 today it does not allow to send messages. Unknown, for the moment, the causes of the down of the application Telegram is down since 14:00 on June 27. The instant messaging application is creating a lot of problems for users and does not allow either to send new … Read more

Car of the future could fly, completed airport test run

The AirCar is equipped with a BMW engine and runs on regular gasoline. A prototype flying car has completed a 35-minute flight between two airports in Slovakia. AirCar is a prototype hybrid of a car and an airplane that has successfully completed a 35-minute flight between Nitra and Bratislava international airports in Slovakia. Equipped with … Read more

Why Google is deleting some apps

Google is planning to block access to the Gmail account for some apps that don’t use the OAuth protocol: here’s what they are New things are coming, in 2020, for business users of Google’s G Suite and, in particular, for those who access their Gmail inbox through a third-party client. That’s a big chunk of … Read more

How to start a chat on Instagram Direct

Chatting with Instagram Direct is easy, both from smartphones and PCs: you can send messages, gifs and more. Instagram is now a popular social network that is part of our daily lives on par with Facebook. In fact, the social network site has more than a billion active users and is the third most popular … Read more

On my block: when the fourth season comes out

Just a few more days and the wait for the new adventures of the four boys of Freeridge will come to an end: Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar are back The TV series dedicated to the world of adolescents with their problems of transition to adulthood, including approach to sex and relational problems between family, … Read more