La Nasa lancia uno scudo spaziale per dirottare gli asteroidi

DART è la sonda della NASA che può salvare la Terra dall’impatto con gli asteroidi. Il test, in partenza a Novembre, punta a spostare l’orbita del corpo celeste con un impatto ad alta velocità. Quella che un asteroide possa dirigersi verso la Terra, con conseguente catastrofico impatto, è una possibilità piuttosto recondita. O meglio, secondo … Read more

Is a Mac or a PC better? Pros and cons in a fair fight

PC and Mac: eternal rivals. We are faced with two operating systems of the highest level and, even those who have lived for years using both, find it difficult to proclaim a winner. Talking about merits and demerits has become reductive and useless because the issue must be addressed differently: today we must take into … Read more

IOS 14 unveils more than 50 apps stealing user data

IOS 14 has introduced a new system for reporting apps that spy on user behavior. Here’s what they are Many users who have installed the iOS 14 beta release on their iPhones have discovered that TikTok and many other apps continue to spy on their behavior, accessing the Clipboard to read information written by other … Read more