Guide to recover permanently deleted files

Just one too many clicks, overthinking, the hurry, the phone ringing, the colleague interrupting you and the damage is done. You have deleted a file or a very important folder. Keep calm, there is a solution to everything and we offer you the solution. First of all you have to understand if the file or … Read more

What are the most popular video formats

The choice of audio-video codecs and containers affects video quality and file size. Here’s how to find out which format best suits your needs Decades and decades of development in the audiovisual field have led to a result that, in some ways, may be considered curious. While in other sectors, the continuous development has led … Read more

Odor emitted by moviegoers reveals the nature of the film

Cinema odor research, IG nobel 2021 prize for chemistry, reveals that we can identify the type of film being shown by analyzing the miasmas of the audience in the theater. The response of the human body to certain stimuli from the outside world is a rather complex phenomenon, which the scientific community generically calls “emotional … Read more