Netflix changes rankings: here’s how

Netflix’s rankings are set to change: here’s how the streaming platform will rate the most watched movies and TV series by its users around the world Which are the most watched on the platform? That’s the question many users ask themselves when they access the app of Netflix, the world’s most popular subscription streaming service. … Read more

WhatsApp, a mysterious SMS makes you lose your account

A new scam hits WhatsApp users: a simple SMS is enough to lose access to your account. Here’s how it works Bad news: reports are coming in about a new attempt by scammers to steal your WhatsApp account. We had also talked about it in the previous weeks, raising the alarm about a new scam … Read more

How to record audio notes on WhatsApp without holding down the key

WhatsApp simplifies the way to record voice notes: you will no longer need to hold down the microphone icon all the time WhatsApp changes the way to record audio messages: you will no longer need to hold down the microphone icon┬ábut just tap on the screen once. Voice notes are one of the most used … Read more