Where to do your shopping online with home delivery

Doing your shopping online is possible. Thanks to the spread of e-commerce and the success of platforms such as Amazon, even supermarket chains have decided to launch websites where you can do your shopping online with home delivery. From Carrefour to Conad, passing through Esselunga, Todis, Coop and Pam, all the major chains have a … Read more

Mobility bonus: why to spend it on Amazon now

Those who have obtained the mobility bonus can spend it also on Amazon: here are some of the best products among bikes and electric scooters on sale on the e-commerce The mobility bonus that allows to buy bikes, ebikes and electric scooters can be spent also online on Amazon. Users can then take advantage of … Read more

How did the Earth form?

Earth History refers to the set of major events that have taken place on our Planet since its formation, including the main evolutionary phases and stages of development. Over the past two centuries, scientists and scholars have recovered the fossilized remains of animals and plants and carefully observed the rocks of the Earth, with the … Read more

Siempo, the smartphone that fights smartphone addiction

This is a device with essential functionalities: calls, messages, camera and maps, and it doesn’t include any apps Without realizing it, we are capable of spending whole hours with our eyes fixed on the smartphone. And it doesn’t matter where or when: at home, while walking or, worse, even when driving. Any opportunity is good … Read more

Oggi esce Strappare lungo i bordi: chi è Zerocalcare e perché guardarla

Strappare lungo i bordi è una delle serie più attese dell’anno e, finalmente, è arrivata su Netflix: ecco perché guardarla e chi è l’autore Zerocalcare L’attesa è terminata, oggi 17 novembre 2021 ha debuttato su Netflix Strappare lungo i bordi, la nuova serie tv ideata, scritta e interpretata da Zerocalcare, nome d’arte di Michele Rech, … Read more

Stan, the robot that parks your car for you

Stan is a smart trailer that is powered by electricity and managed remotely, it will make parking easy in crowded areas Deaf of looking for parking for hours in large shopping malls, stations or airports? Don’t worry, as of today there is Stan. It is a parking robot designed by the company Stanley Robotics. Using … Read more