How to watch the Formula 1 GP in China live streaming

The Shanghai circuit will host the second Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season. Here’s how to watch it live streaming After Ferrari’s victory in the Australian Grand Prix, it will be once again the challenge Sebastian Vettel against Lewis Hamilton to animate the Formula 1 weekend. The theater of the challenge this time will … Read more

How to make WhatsApp video calls from your PC

To make calls and video calls on WhatsApp from your computer you need to use an ad hoc procedure. Here’s what Making calls and video calls on WhatsApp is very simple and immediate: just have the number of the person, launch the application and press on the icon in the shape of a handset or … Read more

TV series to watch to understand how American elections work

There are three TV series to watch to understand how U.S. presidential elections work: here are which ones We will also remember 2020 as the year of the election of the new President of the United States. On November 3, Americans were called to the polls to elect the politician who will lead them for … Read more

Instagram, coming feature for calls and video calls

Icons have been spotted within the app that clearly refer to video calls. The feature could be coming very soon Even Instagram will have the feature to make calls and video calls. After rumors appeared in previous months, the confirmation comes from the journalists of Techcrunch (U.S. portal dedicated to technology) that have discovered within … Read more

An asteroid narrowly missed Earth and no one knew it was coming

Astronomers learned of its existence just hours after it made a close pass by our planet. The object was about the size of a refrigerator. Near the end of October 2021, an asteroid about the size of a refrigerator passed close to Earth. The curiosity, however, is that astronomers learned of its existence only a … Read more

Human body is shaped by climate: new evolution study

Climate affects body and brain size. That’s the discovery of researchers who combined data on fossils with climate change. Current humans are much larger and have brains three times larger than previous Homo species that lived millions of years ago. A research team led by the University of Cambridge and the University of Tübingen in … Read more

Facebook Messenger: here are the Instant Games to challenge friends

On the instant messaging service you can play 17 different titles, including classics like Pac-Man or Space Invaders, without having to download them Chatting on Messenger is convenient and fast, but often between groups with too many notifications and friends who respond slowly there is also the risk of getting bored. To get around this … Read more

Mac, history on Safari at risk from hackers

A security researcher has discovered that anyone could access your Safari web history with simple malware. Apple is working to fix Do you have a Mac and use Safari to browse the web? Then your privacy could be at risk. An as-yet-unpatched flaw within macOS Mojave, the latest version of the operating system for iMacs … Read more