Come vendere su Etsy

In questo articolo troverai dei consigli per capire se ti conviene vendere su Etsy, quando è utile la partita IVA e se è possibile farlo senza conto bancario. Ti domandi se vendere su Etsy possa essere la scelta giusta per te? L’e-commerce riservato al vintage e all’artigianato è la risposta per chi produce o commercia … Read more

GDPR, how to check if your site is compliant

It came into force on May 25, 2018, but there are still many doubts about how to apply it. Here are some checks to do to find out if your site is at no Approved in 2016, but in force as of May 25, 2018, by the European Parliament, the General Data Protection Regulation (abbreviated … Read more

What is the UFS 3.1 standard, why is it important for smartphones

Announced the UFS 3.1 standard that will allow in the future to have faster and faster smartphone memory: here’s what changes A few days ago the JEDEC, that is the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, has made official the release of the UFS 3.1 standard for ROM memories of electronic devices. And this is great … Read more

Wind – Three: single brand, what changes for users

Wind and Three have kicked off operations to merge the two brands. What will the new operator be called? What does it change for users? Here are the answers After a little more than three years since the merger between Wind and Tre, which took place through the creation of a joint venture between CK … Read more

Friends, the reunion arrives: here is the official date

Hbo Max has finally announced the official return of the actors of Friends. It will be a show dedicated to the TV series, with many international guests. Finally comes official news about the reunion of Friends, the cult TV series of the nineties. Hbo Max has published the official release date: it will be Thursday, … Read more