WhatsApp, hackers can “steal” your account: the Police alarm

Police sound the alarm: don’t share your WhatsApp activation code with your friends, it’s actually hackers Despite the many security measures put in place by WhatsApp developers to protect users’ personal data, there are cases where hackers can manage to steal a person’s account using a technique we’ve already talked about: sending the activation code. … Read more

8 Ways to Save Time and Money with 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing is transforming the manufacturing industry in particular, providing a tool to help reduce production time and costs Three-dimensional printing is not just a technology for the select few, as it once was. It’s spreading across many industries and into the homes of individual users. 3D printers are revolutionizing companies, especially those interested in … Read more

Facebook, a blue shield protects your profile picture from thefts

Facebook developers have tested a new feature in India to prevent miscreants from using your profile photos as they please For many users, one of the most disturbing aspects of Facebook is that another person can use your profile photo. For this reason, the developers of the social network have experimented with new algorithms, in India, to … Read more

What to do if Amazon Echo won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Are you trying to set up Amazon Echo but it won’t connect to your home Wi-Fi network? Here are some tricks that might help you solve the problem You just bought an Amazon Echo and, caught up in the excitement, you immediately plugged it into the power outlet and started the first configuration. This is usually … Read more