Diamonds hide a secret about the birth of life on Earth

An analysis of some ancient diamonds is challenging the theory that it took 3 billion for life to appear on Earth. The evolution of the first complex multicellular organisms occurred 3 billion years after the creation of Earth. This is the established theory regarding the appearance of life on our planet. But an analysis of … Read more

Sky Original, not just TV series: big movies coming soon

After having produced many successful TV series, such as Gomorra or Petra, Sky is now dedicated to the production of movies. The first Sky Original film is entitled “Tutti per 1 – 1 per tutti” Sky Original is the brand to which Sky’s original productions are entrusted: it is a brand on which the company … Read more

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2: all the news coming

For the start of Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Forntite Epic Games is working on many water-themed novelties: here are what After the concert-event of Travis Scott and the launch of the new Party Royale mode along with the map Papaya, Epic Games is focusing on the news to be introduced along with the … Read more