How much battery you can save with dark mode

Does dark mode save battery? It depends on the type of screen: here’s all you need to know Now that dark mode has spread a bit everywhere, thanks also to the official support by Android 10 and iOS 13, many users with OLED screens are starting to experience the benefits of dark mode. Benefits especially … Read more

Android security, unlock sequence too easy to hack

A study by the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Maryland Baltimore County showed the ineffectiveness of the unlock sequence on Android smartphones Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers equip devices with a variety of systems to protect our data. From encryption to biometrics. Think, for example, of the fingerprint sensor or the new Face ID seen … Read more

Why the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett could cost more than expected

The duties that the President of the United States would like to impose on China, would lead Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to increase the prices of their consoles The 25% duties that President Donald Trump would like to impose on products from China could cost video game enthusiasts in America up to $840 million. That’s … Read more