Windows 7, how to continue to protect your PC

Here are some tips and tricks to follow to safely use Windows 7. The operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft Using a PC running Windows 7 is no longer safe: since January 14, 2020, in fact, Microsoft’s official support for this operating system has ended and, consequently, the Redmond company no longer releases … Read more

Sony’s latest drone costs as much as a car

Sony presents the drone of dreams: it costs a lot of money but has exceptional performance even with a wind at 70 kilometers per hour If there is a type of photography that fascinates everyone, it is certainly the one that exploits the potential of drones. If there’s one brand of camera known and loved … Read more

How to speed up videos on iPhone and Android

If we’re fans of editing, and the movies we’ve been shooting lately with our smartphones contain a lot of “downtime” there are some specially made to speed up our videos in seconds. In addition to speeding it up, you can also slow down a video, choosing exactly how much to do it, until you get … Read more