They’re building a hotel orbiting Earth

A hotel in space: the first commercial space station in history will be in orbit in 2024, and it will be the new home for humans in space. The first civilian space mission in history has just ended with a great success, and already there’s talk of taking space tourism to another level. The first … Read more

How to watch live streaming Berrettini – Goffin ATP tournament Halle

At 13:00 Berrettini faces Goffin in the semi-final of the ATP tournament in Halle: here’s how to watch the match on TV and live streaming for free Berrettini never stops surprising: after winning his first tournament on grass without ever losing his serve and beating tennis players on paper stronger than him, the Italian tennis … Read more

The former CEO of Google criticizes the Metaverse: what he said

The Metaverse of Zuckerberg has not convinced the former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, who did not hide his concerns in an interview with the New York Times Less than a week ago Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, has communicated in one fell swoop two epochal turning points for the big company of … Read more