Redmi Note 11 coming soon: everything we know

Redmi Note 11 is coming next October 28, but many of its main features are already known thanks to… Redmi Redmi continues to invest in its product range, and although the company born from Xiaomi is already among the most appreciated in the market for the high value for money of its products, you can’t … Read more

Android smartphones, the biggest danger is adware

Kaspersky found that nearly 20% of adware installed in smartphones cannot be uninstalled and antivirus software is ineffective Of the various types of Android malware circulating, there has been a boom in adware recently. That is, malware that bombards your smartphone with annoying and unwanted advertising. Of the total of these adware as much as … Read more

Who will win the World Cup? An algorithm tells you

Research conducted by Goldam Sachs leveraged artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to figure out who will win the next World Cup Are you thinking of betting with friends on who will be the winner at the 2018 World Cup? Well, know that there are at least a million possible variants. This at least is what has emerged … Read more