All-inclusive internet offers: how they work and when they are convenient

All-inclusive internet offers, with average prices between 26 and 40 euros, propose flat promotions for home connection, unlimited voice traffic, as well as a mobile sim Internet, calls and more and more often also a sim with minutes and Giga to surf outside the home, all-inclusive internet offers have changed according to the new needs … Read more

Where to find free eBooks in Italian

There are several sites that allow free downloads of eBooks ranging from classics to fantasy sagas through the novelties of young authors When it comes to free downloads on the Internet many users get defensive: will it be safe and legal? If we own an e-Reader the answer is yes. On the Net, in fact, … Read more

Blade, the car made with 3D printing that looks like the Batmobile

The company DIvergent 3D has made a vehicle with 3D printing and has now partnered with Peugeot to test the system in mass production The excitement from 3D printers in the last while has waned a bit. But that’s not to say that progress in the industry isn’t continuing. We may still be a long … Read more

Facebook Messenger, what’s the difference between Mute and Ignore

Do you want to activate the Mute or Ignore feature on Facebook Messenger but don’t know how to do it? In this article we explain the difference and the complete procedure Have you ever tried to access the Settings of Facebook Messenger? Inside it you’ll find many options: Mute, Ignore, Block, Archive and so on. … Read more