TicWatch Pro X official: it’s a smartwatch with two screens

Official TicWatch Pro X, a smartwatch of the highest level with two displays that allow you to count on an excellent autonomy for a product of this type TicWatch Pro X is official, and presents itself to the world as a product with few compromises. It is therefore a high-end smartwatch that promises a lot … Read more

Goodbye iPhone 12 mini: Apple won’t change its mind this time

IPhone 12 mini didn’t guarantee the hoped-for sales, so Apple would have decided not to deny it a successor: thus goes away the most compact iPhone of recent years No more iPhone mini, an idea espoused by Apple with the iPhone 12 and that will end up in the basement because of the low interest … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 will have continuous zoom and a new chip

The Galaxy S21 zoom was just a taste: Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will adopt a much more refined solution and, perhaps, even a new graphics chip. Galaxy S22 Ultra will arrive next year but it’s already making waves thanks to some interesting leaks revealed in the last few hours. The next top of the range … Read more

Nexus 6, latest Android update crashes it

Google released an Android update that crashed the Nexus 6. The problem has been solved with a downgrade of the mobile operating system Nexus 6 owners are now accustomed to the problems that arise every time Google releases an Android update, but with the release of the Android 7.1.1 version the Mountain View company has … Read more

The flying and amphibious car funded by Google’s dad

Flyer is one of the first aircraft of Kitty Hawk, a startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, which aims to make flying cars Flying cars are no longer a pipe dream. Many companies are investing in this new sector: Uber, Airbus and also Larry Page. For those who don’t know, Larry Page is one … Read more