What is disk fragmentation and how to solve it

Fragmentation occurs due to the continuous modification or deletion of files from the hard drive and causes computer slowdowns Unusually computer users have found themselves repeatedly performing a hard drive defragmentation in an attempt to improve their machine’s performance. The procedure is carried out when the storage unit of a PC has a high degree … Read more

WhatsApp working on a system to block hot videos

WhatsApp has promised to work with India’s Supreme Court to come up with a system to block the proliferation of sexually offensive videos on social It all stems from two rape cases against two Indian women that were filmed and spread via WhatsApp. The investigation was initially entrusted to the local CBI (Central Bureau of … Read more

The tricolour arrows land on smartphones with the flight simulator

Frecce tricolori flight simulator, available for Android and iOS devices, will be presented next Friday under the auspices of the Air Force It will soon be possible to make an aerobatic flight in the clouds with the tricolour arrows. How? All you have to do is download Frecce Tricolori Flight Simulator, the app created by … Read more