Tim, Vodafone and Wind Tre, the remodulations of the offers arrive

Tim, Vodafone and Wind 3 have announced tariff remodulations that affect thousands of users. Here’s what’s changing and what the increases are A leopard can’t change its spots: this year, too, the summer increases in phone rates are coming. The three main Italian operators, Tim, Vodafone and Wind 3, have announced to their customers increases … Read more

How many Netflix subscribers are in Italy

The streaming giant makes official the number of its subscribers in Italy: our country is one of the most important markets for Netflix in Europe That Netflix is the world leader in streaming, with about 210 million subscribers worldwide (updated to mid-2021), has been known for some time. That it is starting to suffer competition … Read more

WhatsApp, tricks to avoid getting banned

If you don’t behave, WhatsApp might deactivate your profile without any warning. Here are some tricks to avoid being banned on WhatsApp Maybe you don’t know it but even on WhatsApp you could be banned: your account, that is, could be deactivated “ex officio” by the platform and you might not be able to use, … Read more