How to send SMS online with Android Messages

Google has finally launched the Android Messages platform, to manage and send SMS from the web. Easy to use, it challenges Apple’s Messages and WhatsApp To tell the truth, Google had announced it a long time ago, but had then decided to postpone its presentation and launch until a later date. Presentation, however, that there … Read more

Online blackmail, the new scam arrives via email

Still sex scams in Italy. In the last days a new campaign with hot blackmail has started: if you don’t pay, we’ll put online your hard movies The umpteenth online scam is going around in the last days also in Italy and, once again, it’s a blackmail via e-mail. To try to steal our money, … Read more

Cashback: up to 150 euro bonus for electronic payments

The cashback plan of the Government is about to become reality: it starts in December with a first test phase, here’s how it works After the ok received from the Privacy Guarantor takes shape day by day the implementing decree that will introduce the “cashback plan” that provides a bonus of 150 euros on electronic … Read more