The latest Whatsapp update for iOS and Android

For iOS or Android, Whatsapp is constantly introducing new features. Here are the latest innovations launched, and those that will soon hit the market. Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most widely used messaging app and is constantly evolving. Many are the updates that follow one another, as well as the new features introduced: new emoji, new … Read more

Di cosa parla The Bad Guy, la nuova serie Amazon tutta italiana

In occasione dell’avvio delle riprese della serie tv, originale, tutta italiana, Amazon Prime Video svela i nomi dei protagonisti di The Bad Guy. Una delle novità di luglio 2021 è l’inizio delle riprese della nuova serie tv, originale, tutta italiana: The Bad Guy e in concomitanza Amazon Prime Video svela i nomi degli interpreti principali. … Read more

SatNavs are dangerous, they turn off the brain

British research has shown that accidents and errors in trajectory are higher in subjects who use satnavs in the car Driving following the directions of a satnav can be very dangerous. And no, we’re not talking about out-of-date maps leading you into the middle of nowhere or rear-end collisions caused by constantly looking at the … Read more