What OnePlus Nord 2 CE will look like and when it arrives

The OnePlus Nord 2 CE, the Chinese company’s next mid-range device, will be arriving soon: here’s when and what it will look like according to the latest information OnePlus Nord 2 CE is one of the many smartphones that will be released in the next two months. The presentations will be several, accomplices two events … Read more

Ransomware Danger: How to Defend Yourself with Good Practices and Antivirus

They are known, in the technical field, with different names: some call them cryptoviruses, others cryptotrojans or cryptoworms, up to scareware. In reality, they are better known as ransomware and they are one of the most feared computer infections of the last years. Their diffusion has been so fast that it has alarmed the authorities … Read more

Digital terrestrial: Bonus TV 2021 approved, what changes

The Budget Law 2021 contains several new bonuses, among them there is also the Bonus TV 2021 for the purchase of a TV set or a DVB-T2 decoder. On December 30, 2020 the Senate approved, definitively, the Budget Law 2021 that will bring to Italians a long series of bonuses and contributions for the purchase … Read more