Sexual blackmail, all Italy in the crosshairs of hackers

Several Italian users, especially businessmen, politicians and university professors, have ended up under blackmail for porn videos that would concern them Beware of the emails you receive these days: someone could contact you with a sexual blackmail. Thousands of people all over Italy are receiving a new blackmail with a sexual background that reads more … Read more

Vivo Nex 2, smartphone with dual screen and three rear cameras

Vivo is about to launch its new top-of-the-line smartphone, the Nex 2, with dual front-facing screens and triple camera, here’s how to use the dual display The company Vivo with its Nex 2 is ready to revolutionize the world of smartphone design forever. The Chinese company’s flagship phone is expected to have two screens, one … Read more

Instagram, coming feature to delete unnecessary followers

Do you have an Instagram profile but interact little several followers? Now the app could even remove them from your list. Here’s the news Instagram is working on several features that allow users to have more control over the feed and privacy, with particular reference to the circulation of images and other personal data. With … Read more