Ligabue: 30-year career special comes out

The singer-songwriter gave a long interview in which he talks about his life and his passions. Here’s when and where it will air. Sky is dedicating a special to Luciano Ligabue, who celebrated his 30-year career in 2020. To celebrate, he released album 7, out December 4, 2020, plus a collection of 77 singles that … Read more

The battery of the future is made of glass and will last much longer

Professor John B. Goodenough, former father of lithium-ion batteries, has created a new glass battery designed for electric cars John B. Goodenough, a professor at the University of Texas’ Cockrell Faculty of Engineering, is the daddy of lithium-ion batteries now commonly used on a variety of devices. Despite his age, 94, John is now ready … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be extraordinary, even in price

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an incredible display and other features that will make it extraordinary, but the price will surprise you Although the anticipations on the availability of the next top of Samsung range are certainly not reassuring, in recent hours the rumors have reported others on the most valuable variant of the … Read more