Apple relaunches on home automation to chase Amazon and Google

If there’s one sector in which Apple isn’t really breaking through, it’s the smart home sector and, for this reason, it has called a new executive to think about tomorrow’s HomePod When talking about smart home and home automation products, two names are always mentioned: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Between the two litigants, however, … Read more

Nokia 4 and Nokia 7 Plus revealed in China: here are the features

The Finnish company pre-announces the release of two more devices: the Nokia 4 and the Nokia 7 Plus. Coming in Spring also in Europe? Nokia would seem intent on starting 2018 with a bang. The Finnish company made a strong comeback in the world of smartphones in 2017 thanks to the partnership with HMD Global … Read more

How to defend against unwanted calls and phone scams

A complete and intuitive guide to blocking unwanted calls on both your home phone number and your smartphone forever Lunch, dinner and even work. Our day is punctuated by phone calls. Both the home one and the smartphone. In most cases they are not good news but the usual call centers that try to sell … Read more

How to check if your Android smartphone is up to date

Checking if your Android smartphone is up to date with the latest version available protects your device from hacker attack Our phone is a small bank of all our information. Inside the mobile devices we find conversations, photos, videos, applications, emails and credit card info. Protecting this sensitive data is extremely important, and the first … Read more